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Joy will cook today. And what will be the menu? Pankcake.

Valentin's DayMake heart-shaped cookies for Valentine's Day!

Wedding cakeElsa is great in the kitchen, especially when it comes to baking cakes and cookies.

Pizza RestaurantVisiting a pizza place the best thing is that you can get your nice warm pizza almost immediately.

burger shopA delicious soup can make your whole day, believe it. Especially if you can make it fast and easy, and it is also cheap.

breakfastPrepare a delicious breakfast - you'll need delicious pancakes and though it may sound weird, a few sausages.

burger shopCooking and baking is child's play with a modern mixer. Or course, you should ask your mom's opinion before you start cooking or baking something more complicated.

StrawberryCheck it out how simple it is to make this strawberry and biscuits treat. Follow the instructions in proper order and you can finish the cookie in a few minutes.

burger shopThe easiest way to learn cooking is hto help your mother in the kitchen. Moreover, you'll see how happy she will be that you help her.

burger shopIdentify the giant's desired food and serve it in short duration. To prepare the food, click the food item, drag and drop the food item which is required for the food preparation. Throw the wasted food stuff into the trash bin. To earn more money, serve the food quickly and exactly. Take the money from the counter when giants place it. Achieve the target in each level to proceed to next level.

bakery gamePut eggs, flour and sugar in a bowl! Mix the dough! Put the cake into the oven and bake it! Then put the cake on the turn table! Paste the cream on the cake! Finally decorate the cake as precise as you can to earn more marks!

rush-for-icecreamPick up the ice cream ingredients in the road! Navigation with the arrows.

burger-shopMake burgers, pop corn, cola and french fries to the visitors! Take a box and put to the correct machine and serve it to the customers!

Serve your customers in your ice cream shop. First take funnel, then put ice cream, dressing and almond or strawberry on it. Finally give the ready ice cream to the correct customer.

Read the recipe, then put to the pizza appropriate ingredient. Good job!

buffet ice cream gameService the customers. First take an ice cream cone, put it on ice cream machine. After click to vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream. If it is rady put the ice cream to the table, put on fruits and the dressing. In the end give it to the customers.


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